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Scott Bottjer is a culinary graduate and a self-taught Medicinal Marijuana grower, who currently resides in Northern California, since 1998.  Born and raised on Long Island, New York, he is a graduate from the University of New York, Sullivan County with an American Culinary Foundations and National Restaurant Association accredited diploma in Hotel Technology.  His culinary skills blossomed with his years of restaurant experience.  Scott has worked in restaurants from New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  While attending culinary school, a trip to Amsterdam with some fellow students changed his life forever. That trip inspired him to become a self-taught Marijuana grower. During his years of growing Marijuana and working as a chef, Scott has refined his skills and technique.  Scott’s goal for this book is to provide gourmet meals opposed to cookies and brownies as an option to ingest your medicine.  He hopes to provide gourmet meals that do not render a plant-matter aftertaste.  With this idea serving as a catalyst for this book, Scott’s goal for this cookbook is to create Keif infused gourmet recipes for all to enjoy.

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